Financing through Care Credit

Care Credit is a great option for those people who want to get treatment but can not afford to make full payment at the time of service. Care Credit acts as a credit card for dental treatment. Once approved, one can use the card for an unlimited amount of dental visits. In addition, a Care Credit card can work for multiple members of a family. Like a regular credit card, a Care Credit card has a maximum balance that continuously rotates as treatment continues and payment is received. Once an application is approved a payment plan will be setup for the patient to make minimum payments on a monthly basis and have the total balance paid up by a certain time period.

The Care Credit card is a convenient card for all dental treatment. It is a card that can be used at other participating dental offices. Therefore, if a patient needs to see a specialist, our office can refer out to another office that accepts Care Credit.

To learn more and apply, visit Care Credit: